Saturday, March 7, 2009

Begin with Research

Research: is the driving force for administrators to buy into healing spaces (and competition) what has already been researched, and what do we want to measure? What outcomes do we want? Research is key in prioritizing space allocation in budget. Connect with faculty at universities to coordinate outcomes we want with students interested in doing research.

Stress responses include heart rate, breathing rate, sweat, brain activity which can vary depending on individual (ADHD, autism, etc). Prior brain scans help to sort data. Research experiments need to have variables reduced and measure qualitative experience.


  1. Great work on the blog! I have a particular clinical interest in integrative methods of pain management ( and have been interested to see some research investigating a patient's expressed level of pain, their use of pain medication, as well as their length of hospital stay correlated with living plants in their hospital rooms. Here is a link to an abstract appearing in the Feb 09 edition of HortScience
    I look forward to being a part of the Healing Environments Collaborative.

  2. Welcome Pam. Your blog are website are really well put together.