Saturday, March 7, 2009

How Are You Feeling Today?

It is a simple idea but your emotions effect your health. When an environment produces calm, delight, trust or strength the healing process is enhanced.

The Healing Environments Collaborative (HEC) was cofounded with Lisa E. Bailey, a superb Landscape Architect recognized for her work creating Healing Gardens, and Bruce Davidson who designs and builds ideal landscapes where beauty endures.

The HEC creates interior and exterior environments that involve:
ART: murals and other therapeutic art/technology programs custom-designed for each organization
: design and creation of gardens and outdoor spaces that extend facilities reduce stress, accelerate healing, and instill a sense of emotional and spiritual well-being
HORTICULTURE THERAPY: program design, educational presentations, consulting
INTERIOR ENVIRONMENTS: design, redesign and remodeling of occupational/physical therapy rooms, living spaces, community spaces
We consult with and design and build to benefit the multiple populations we serve;
residents, patients, staff, visitors and administration.

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